San Mateo County Mock Trial

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Competition takes place in two locations in San Mateo County. This year six schools compete at the Northern Branch in South San Francisco and seven at the Southern Branch in Redwood City.

The Northern Branch is in South San Francisco, located between Chestnut and Grand Avenue on Mission Road. The address is:1050 Mission Road, South San Francisco, CA 94080.

The Southern Branch of Superior Court is located in Hall of Justice and Records. The address is 400 County Center, Redwood City, CA 94063.

2014 Match Schedule

When and where each side of a school’s team, that is the Prosecution and the Defense, compete. FORMS


The links on this page will take you to the all the forms you need for Mock Trial.

Case Book

You can download the case book at the CRF website HERE. CRF will not download this file unless you have the access code which is available to team members from their teacher-advisor. Please be patient with this link, for, depending on traffic, it sometimes takes a few moments for the CRF server to respond with a window requesting the code.

Attorney’s Scorer and Judges Information

The Judge and Attorney Handbook is on the CRF website. The link is FORMS. It is also on the FORMS page.

A sample of the scoring sheet used by the scoring attorneys in San Mateo County is available on the FORMS page. There is also a sample Score Report that shows how the scores are reported to the teams. Unlike the Score Report sample, the names of the scorers are not reported. They are referenced only for the Coordinator to assist in keeping track of an immense amount of data. Also in 2013, in order to maintain annonymity among competitors, the schools will assigned a letter for each match instead of using the school name.


The system of scoring varies from county to county. Partly that results from the county’s history and partly from the number of teams in the county. In San Mateo we are fortunate that there are between twelve and fourteen participating schools which means that in a round robin we can have each school compete against all the other schools in their division. That round robin competition leads to the top two schools who go on to the Semi-Finals. We have the good fortune to have both sides compete in each round including the Semis and the Finals. Other counties, often with as many teams as twenty five or thirty, have resorted to systems like Power Matching where a single side represents a school in each round—a system explained in the CRF Rulebook.

The sample Score Report shows how team scores are calculated in San Mateo County. It is available on the FORMS page.