San Mateo County Mock Trial

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List of Forms Emergency and Permission form Code of Ethics and Roster form Prosecution Roster Advisor's  Check List Keys to Success Creating a theory of the case Case Analysis Form #1 Case Analysis Form #2 Advice for the first night's competition CRF's rules CRF Rule Changes 2013 San Mateo County Rules Courtroom Artist Rules Attorney and Judge Handbook Competition Schedule 2015 Timesheet Errata Nov. 2012 Sample Attorney Scoresheet Sample Score Report Exhibit 22 by 28 inches Exhibit 8.5 by 11 inches

Accessing these forms

Assuming that you have the Adobe Reader, these forms will open in a new window that will cover your browser's window. You can save them and print them. When you are finished with the form window and you close it, you will be returned to the FORMS page.

For the fillable forms which you need to submit, this works best with Safari and Crome. At this time we do not know about other browsers, but Firefox does not work well for us. Instructions should appear at the top of the form.

Adobe Reader

To open PDFs on your computer you need the Adobe Acrobat Reader which fortunately is available for free from the Adobe website. Click or tap on the link and follow their directions.
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